Interplay Rules


 Purpose & Scope
To establish a formal standardized system of rules for Regional teams participating in inter-area play within Area D.   Revisions shall be made to this document as needed and will be noted in Section 11.
1.  Team definition
Teams shall be composed of registered AYSO players in the Region represented. Official AYSO age divisions shall apply. Mixed-age (e.g. U16/U19) shall play in the older division represented.
Teams playing on a girls schedule will be composed entirely of female players. Co-ed teams will play on boy’s schedule.
In cases where no more than two players are outside the division or sex norms an exemption may be applied for to the Area Director, whom will consult with the Region Commissioners involved.
2.    The Field
Regions should endeavor to provide an appropriate sized field for interplay games according to the following table:
Size of Field
90 – 100 yds x 50 yds
100 – 120 yds x 50 – 75 yds
Table 2.1
             2.1   Field Markings
Fields shall have standard size goals, field and area markings as noted in the Laws of the Game.
             2.2   Technical Area
Unless otherwise marked by lines, the team (Technical Area) shall be ten (10) yards from either side of the half-way line and three (3) yards back from the touch line. Coaches shall remain in the Technical Area.
             2.3   Spectator Area
All spectators are to remain on the side opposite the teams; between the penalty areas and three (3) yards from the touchline. No spectator is allowed behind the goal line unless approved by the Referee for photography.
3.  The Ball
The standard size ball for each division during games shall be according to the following table below:
Size of Field
Size – 4
Size – 5
Table 3.1
The Home Team shall provide the match balls for each game. The Referee shall determine the suitability and safety of the match ball.
4.    Number of Players
The standard maximum number of players for each division on the field during games shall be according to the following table below:
Number of Players
9 vs 9
11 vs 11
Table 4.1
a.      Minimum Number of Players
The minimum number of players in all age groups shall be seven (7) for a legal match.
b.      Reduce to Equate
When either team has less than the standard maximum number, reducing from one team to equate (sharing players) is highly recommended and encouraged.
Coaches should carry extra jerseys, pennies or t-shirts of the Team’s colors to accommodate this process.
Both the Head Coaches and the Referee will determine the number of players by agreement before the coin toss.
           i.      Injury Caveat
If a player is removed for injury and there is no substitute available, the opponents’ team shall remove a player for the duration of the injury for equal play.
5.  Substitutions
Matches shall be played using the AYSO system of substitution. The Referee will call a break approximately midway through each half; allowing only enough time to complete the substitution process.
Under no circumstance will monitored or “free” substitution be allowed.
6.  Duration of the Game
The match shall consist of two (2) halves equally divided for substitution opportunities as noted in paragraph 5, Substitution, above. The length of each half for each division shall be governed according to the following table below:
Length of Halves
30 minutes
35 minutes
Table 6.1
7.  Coaching
(From AYSO Rules & Regulations)
Sideline participation shall be limited to Positive Instruction and Encouragement by Coaches and is limited to a maximum of two coaches who must remain in the coach (team) area. Negative comments and complaints about refereeing shall not be allowed.
AYSO Philosophies: Positive Coaching – Good Sportsmanship
8.  Rosters & Required Paperwork
Coaches shall have in their possession at all games a:
·         Printed eAYSO roster of the team signed and dated by the Regional Commissioner. It is recommended that the roster be laminated or placed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect against the elements.
·         Medical release forms for each player signed by the parent or guardian
·         Completed game card
Referees shall check in Players from the approved roster before the match. Any discrepancy should be reported both to the Region and to Area Staff. Game cards should be held by the Referee crew during the game.
9.  Misconduct & Discipline Standards
a.      Misconduct
Misconduct shall be issued at the discretion of the Referee for violations of Fair Play in accordance with the Laws of the Game. The Center Referee shall file a Misconduct Report for all cautions and sendoffs to the home RRA, to be forwarded to the ARA.
         i.      Caution (Yellow Card)
A caution shall not/cannot warrant that the player cautioned be substituted for a “time out” period.
        ii.      Send-Off (Red Card)
When a Player is sent-off during a match, that team shall play short. The policy of reduce to equate shall not apply.
The Referee shall file a report of the send-off with the RRA and the ARA within 24 hours of the match.


b.      Sanctions & Suspension
         i.      Discipline – Cautions
Players or Coaches receiving three (3) cautions during a half season, fall or spring shall be suspended for one (1) future match.
        ii.      Discipline – Send Offs
Players or Coaches receiving a send-off will serve a suspension of at least one future match pending review by the RC, AD and ARA.
       iii.      Suspensions
Date(s) of suspension shall be determined by AYSO Executive Members; not by the team Coach; and shall be the next available opportunity in the team’s schedule after review and decision.
10.  Match Schedules
To avoid confusion and/or miscommunication, it is highly recommended that the Visiting Team Coach contact the Home Team Coach the week of the match to confirm the time and location of the game.
a.      Cancellations
Cancellation of a match for any reason requires notification of the Coach/Team contact and host Referee Administrator immediately.
b.      Schedule Changes
A change to the published schedule requires notification of the home team’s Referee Administrator as soon as known. Remember, AYSO Referees are volunteers!
11.Document Revisions
Date Revised
Section or Paragraph Revised
09 Sep 07
Initial release
09 Mar 08
01 June 08